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Visual Stimulus Displays

CRT Replacement
     ➤ VIEWPixx
     VIEWPixx /3D
     VIEWPixx /EEG
DLP LED Projector
     ➤ PROPixx

Display Drivers

CRT Driver
     ➤ DATAPixx
LCD Driver
     ➤ DATAPixx2

Subject Feedback

     ➤ Touch Panel
     ➤ Dual Handheld
     ➤ Tabletop

Calibration System

     ➤ X-Rite i1Pro
     ➤ X-Rite i1Display


Visual Testing Software

Tools for MRI

MRI Visual Stimulus Displays

DLP LED Projector

MRI Subject Feedback

     Dual Handheld

MRI Audio System




Visual Testing Software

     VPixx Program

Eye Tracking



MRI/EEG Stereo system kit with pneumatic headsets and transducer

The SOUNDPixx is a complete MRI audio system including everything you need to get all the great benefits of MRI-compatible audio entertainment or for cross-modal research when used with our PROPixx or our DATAPixx system. Will give you microsecond-precise audio stimulation when driven by VPixx hardware.

SOUNDPixx MRI stereo sound system delivers true stereo music to the subject. Stereo sound provides a spacious feeling for the subject, which is an important factor in overcoming claustrophobia.

There are separate audio level adjustments for the subject and the speakers in the area where the technologist is located. The operator can independently control their sound level without affecting the subject sound levels. If so desired, the music can be turned off in the operator area, and only heard by the subject.

MRI coil headsets

Pneumatic stereo headsets provide 30dB NRR tested to ANSI standard
Available in standard and mini sizes to accomodate all ear shapes and sizes
Meets and exceeds ISO 60601-1-33 specifications
Includes 260 pairs of standard size plugs (0.75” X .50”)
Includes 10 pairs of mini size plugs (0.75” X .38”)

MRI headsets

Pneumatic stereo headsets provide 30dB NRR tested to ANSI standard
Slim profile for use in head coils
Silicon gel ear seals for lasting comfort and enhanced NRR
Durable ABS plastic construction
One size fits all design

MRI pneumatic transducer

Extra-large stereo-tubing for greater resonance
• Includes 12-foot stereo tubing
Semi-rigid for durability and consistency
Universal adapter for use with different pneumatic headphones
Vinyl tubing is 3/8-inch OD and 1/4-inch ID with an outer protective sleeve
Input impedance : 8 Ohm
Frequency response : 20 Hz to 20 kHz

MRI interface cable

Prevents noise artifacts from MRI sound system
Mounts on RF penetration panel BNC connector
Allows audio to pass through, but will not allow noise to pass through

• Includes custom length coaxial cable for MRI room (75-foot maximum)
• Includes custom length coaxial cable for CONTROL room (30-foot maximum)
• Includes two RFI filtered BNC connector inserts

***Optional fiber optic audio interface is available

Mixer/Amplifier audio system

Multi-function 40-Watt auto-mixing amplifier
Designed for continuous operation in distributed music, paging and audio applications
3 auxiliary inputs for iPod, Computer, CD/DVD or PROPixx/DATAPixx audio subsystem
Low and high frequency equalizer
1 microphone input

Microphone and speaker

Push-to-Talk desktop microphone
Adjustable goose neck microphone
Microphone communicates clearly and directly with patients through their earphones

Control room speakers replicate audio sources to ensure system is operating correctly
A compact, two-speaker system that delivers rich and clear sound


P/N: VPX-ACC-8100 MRI/EEG Stereo system kit with RFI filtered BNC
P/N: VPX-ACC-8105 MRI/EEG Stereo system kit with fiber optic interface



Shielding enclosure
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