Tools for vision science

Visual Stimulus Displays

CRT Replacement
     ➤ VIEWPixx
     VIEWPixx /3D
     VIEWPixx /EEG
DLP LED Projector
     ➤ PROPixx

Display Drivers

CRT Driver
     ➤ DATAPixx
LCD Driver
     ➤ DATAPixx2

Subject Feedback

     ➤ Touch Panel
     ➤ Dual Handheld
     ➤ Tabletop

Calibration System

     ➤ X-Rite i1Pro
     ➤ X-Rite i1Display


Visual Testing Software

Tools for MRI

MRI Visual Stimulus Displays

DLP LED Projector

MRI Subject Feedback

     Dual Handheld

MRI Audio System




Visual Testing Software

     VPixx Program

Eye Tracking


VPixx Program

Visual testing software for Mac OS X

The VPixx Program, a result of over twenty years of experience in vision science programming, is the perfect tool to generate and present frame-synchronized animated stimuli within the context of a testing paradigm. VPixx supplies you with powerful features to easily manage complex dynamic visual and audio stimuli and experimental designs, all within a single user-friendly Mac OS X application. The VPixx Program fully supports the DATAPixx, VIEWPixx, PROPixx and RESPONSEPixx hardware products, offering you stereo audio stimulation, subject response time measurement, analog data acquisition, and triggering of external equipment, all with microsecond-precise synchronization to video refresh.


  • Graphical user interface
  • No programming required
  • Scripting supports complex dynamic visual and auditory stimuli
  • Implements method of constant stimuli, method of adjustments, nAFC staircases, VPEST adaptive staircases
  • Students can collect data immediately
  • Includes support for DATAPixx/VIEWPixx/PROPixx data acquisition, including RESPONSEPixx button boxes
  • Includes one day of free programming to customize program for your lab


Scripted Stimuli – A single VPixx document contains a list of all the stimuli for an experiment. Each stimulus is a list of region definitions and executable commands. Each region contains a list of the patterns which combine to fill the region.

User Friendly Dialogs – Double-clicking on a stimulus, region, pattern, or command name will open up a parameter dialog. This layout makes it very easy to navigate and modify your design’s stimuli.

Function Buttons – Immediately preview a modified stimulus animation.

Intuitive Design Window – Supports copy/paste and drag-and-drop, allowing you to instantly duplicate stimuli, or even copy stimuli from one design file into a second design file for a new experiment.

You can be collecting data for a new experiment within hours,
instead of weeks or months.


P/N: VPX-SOF-1000 VPixx visual testing software for Intel Macintosh