Customer Relationship

At VPixx Technologies, we develop long-term relationships with our customers. We will begin with a comprehensive meeting involving your team and ours, so that we may understand your research and your requirements. One or more VPixx design engineers may be present during this initial conversation. We then propose one or several solutions which will fulfill your requirements and help you attain your research goals. Our complete solutions often include personal touches such as custom cabling between your existing lab equipment and your new VPixx hardware. We can also provide you with standard or customized button boxes and other hardware as well as a small custom demo application to help get your new equipment up and running quickly. If you have questions, our free technical support is only a phone call away. Emails are usually answered within 1 hour. We want you to succeed in your research, and we want you to recommend VPixx Technologies to your colleagues.

Research being what it is, requirements evolve over time. In order to best serve our customers, all VPixx Technologies products are field upgradable. If your research requires a new product functionality, just give us a call. We can often implement the new feature in our labs, then email you a firmware upgrade which you can use to reflash your existing VPixx product. This greatly increases the useful lifetime of your hardware investment.

Our product development strategy is based on continuous discussion with our customers, and new products are typically designed in conjunction with early-adopting labs which are willing to serve as guides for our development.