New Video: Tips for Installing Projectors in Small Spaces

VPixx Technologies is pleased to present our latest interview with VPixx Staff Scientist Dr. Sophie Kenny.

Dr. Kenny has over 5 years of experience consulting on the installation of PROPixx projection systems in various environments, from magnetically shielded rooms utilized in OPM and MEG research systems, to small behavioural booths. In this short interview she discusses the considerations and challenges inherent in setting up projection systems in small spaces. Dr. Kenny offers practical advice for those interested in setting up a PROPixx in their lab space.

Key topics covered in the interview include:

  • The advantages of utilizing the PROPixx for MEG and OPM applications.
  • Strategic placement of projectors and waveguides to maximize effectiveness.
  • Addressing participant position and eye height concerns for optimal viewing experiences.
  • Recommendations for suitable mirrors for projection setups.

Watch the full interview below.

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