Synchronized touchscreen add-on


The TOUCHPixx is an innovative touch panel allowing for accurate and deterministic timing. It is fully integrated with our VIEWPixx series monitors and our DATAPixx display driver. The TOUCHPixx can be installed in less than a minute directly on a monitor or on a table. Touch coordinates are time stamped and can be read using Psychtoolbox under Mac or Windows. The system allows you to create your own subject feedback images by creating customized pictures under the TOUCHPixx glass.

– Technology : Resistive
– Light Transmission : 80% nominal
– Activation force : 50-120 grams per square centimeter

Response time is 2.5 msec from the touch panel
to the VIEWPixx
– Size: 24“
– Touch Resolution: 4096 x 4096

The controller computes touch screen X-Y coordinates
with 12-bit precision with an error of +/- 0.244%
(+/- 0.13 mm in X and 0.08 mm in Y)
To learn how the TOUCHPixx can advance your research, speak with a VPixx Staff Scientist today!
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VPX-ACC-8075 TOUCHPixx Synchronized touchscreen add-on

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