MRI/MEG 2 kHz binocular eye tracker


The TRACKPixx3 MRI/MEG is a 2 kHz eye/gaze-tracking solution compatible with MRI and MEG environments. The TRACKPixx3 is versatile, supporting both monocular and binocular tracking with a single mechanical configuration. The TRACKPixx3 does not require a dedicated PC to process eye images and generate gaze information; all image processing is performed within the TRACKPixx3 hardware. Gaze data can be logged within the TRACKPixx3 and retrieved by the testing PC with a simple low-latency USB interface.

The TRACKPixx3 video feed can be accessed directly through a console display for real-time visualization and adjustment of the tracker. A scene camera can be connected to the tracker to monitor the experiment. These video feeds can also be accessed through the USB interface for remote control of the TRACKPixx3.

An easy and fast option is also available to convert the TRACKPixx3 MRI / MEG to a low cost eye tracker tabletop configuration.

Combine the PROPixx with the TRACKPixx 2kHz binocular eye tracker, and experience the simplicity of a single clock timebase for all your data!

DATAPixx3 specifications

– Button box interface
– 24 TTL trigger inputs and outputs
– Stereo audio input and output
– Analog inputs and outputs
– Video input: 2 DisplayPort 1.4
– Video output: 2 DisplayPort 1.4
– Video input bandwidth: up to 32.4 Gbps per input
– Video output channels: Dual synchronized DisplayPort
– Video output format: Mirror or haploscope mode, console
– Maximum video output resolution : 4K @120 Hz
– VideoBahn interface

All digital, analog, and audio inputs and outputs feature microsecond synchronization to video refresh and eye-tracking data

TRACKPixx3 specifications

– 2 kHz binocular
– 1 frame (0.5 ms) blink recovery time
– 1.7 ms latency
– New eye positions are computed every 0.5 milliseconds
– Eye position is time stamped with MRI/MEG trigger pulse
– Easy setup
– Fiber optic and filtered power cable
– Eliminates tracker PC
– 27 inch console monitor
– VideoBahn interface

Compatible with Siemens, GE, Philips and more
Compatible with Elekta, CTF and more

To learn how the TRACKPixx3 MRI/MEG can advance your research, speak with a VPixx Staff Scientist today!
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Datasheet Download

TRACKPixx3 Datasheet


DATAPixx3 Datasheet

Ordering information

Part number Description
VPX-TRK-3500C TRACKPixx3 MRI 2 kHz single camera binocular eye tracker

Products required for a complete system

Part number Description
VPX-DPX-1004A DATAPixx3 Lite data acquisition system
VPX-TRK-9010 InfraRed Long-Range illuminator


Part number Description
VPX-SOF-9300 Firmware upgrade from Lite to Full version
VPX-TRK-3450 TRACKPixx3 MRI to tabletop conversion kit

Lens Calculation

Setup & Configuration

Multimedia Gallery


Partnumber Description

PROPixx 1440 Hz projector



SOUNDPixx MRI / MEG stereo audio system



RESPONSEPixx /MRI Dual handheld 2x 5-button fiber-optic response box