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The LabMaestro Simulator is a software tool that allows researchers to test and debug experiment code without a physical connection to their data acquisition hardware. In this talk, Dr. Lindsey Fraser explains the rationale behind the simulator and what devices and features it replicates. She also outlines the overall licensing structure for the Simulator.

This talk was originally presented at a satellite talk for the 2021 virtual meeting of the Vision Sciences Society, which took place between May 21st and 26th 2021. This talk was presented live over Zoom on May 25th at 12:00 EDT. The video below is a recorded version of the talk that has been edited and streamlined for clarity.

The LabMaestro Simulator is now included in our VPixx Software Tools (release 3.9 and later). To download it, simply follow the instructions on our downloads page.

You can download up-to-date documentation for the LabMaestro Simulator here:


Hardware Principles

Simulator Features Introduction

Connecting to the Simulator

Simulating RESPONSEPixx Input

Simulating a Custom TTL Input

Visualizing Outgoing Triggers

Automated Triggers with Pixel Mode

Video Sync



Download Link and Feedback Form

Update: The LabMaestro Simulator is now bundled with our VPixx Software Tools (release 3.9 and later). The page now redirects to our downloads page.

Full documentation for the most recent version of the LabMaestro Simulator can be found here: LabMaestro Simulator Application Guide [pdf]

For a standalone copy of the Simulator, please contact [email protected] .

A product page will be available soon.


Below are a list of links to web resources that were mentioned during the talk:

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