120 Hz CRT replacement


The VIEWPixx /EEG is an affordable high quality display which has been optimized specifically for triggering external data acquisition systems to precisely timed visual stimuli. The VIEWPixx /EEG features LCD glass with the fastest possible pixel response, and a panel controller which has been custom designed for neurophysiology, cognition, and psychophysics research. Our innovative scanning LED backlight design eliminates ghosting, and has superior display uniformity. In addition, the VIEWPixx /EEG includes 24 TTL output triggers for synchronizing external data acquisition systems such as EEG and eye trackers with microsecond precision. The triggers can also be used to initiate external stimulators such as TMS. The levels of the 24 TTL outputs are controlled by the 8-bit RGB components of the display’s top-left pixel. This strategy is simple to program with any stimulus generation software, and guarantees perfect synchronization between video and external hardware.

Combine the VIEWPixx /EEG with the TRACKPixx 2kHz binocular eye tracker, and experience the simplicity of a single clock timebase for all your data!

Trigger specifications

– 24 TTL trigger outputs
– Synchronize EEG markers to video refresh
– Easy configuration using top left pixel value

Digital outputs feature microsecond synchronization to video refresh

Monitor specifications

– 8-bit RGB intensity
– 1920 x 1080 resolution at 120 Hz
– 24 inch display size (diagonal)
– Pixel rise and fall time symmetry
– Pixel response time: 1 ms
– Scanning LED backlight with direct LED array
– Display luminance uniformity: 95% over 95% of display area

Deterministic timing between reception of video signal and update of display pixels
To learn how the VIEWPixx /EEG can advance your research, speak with a VPixx Staff Scientist today!
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VPX-VPX-2006B VIEWPixx /EEG with trigger outputs

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