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VPixx Technologies develops innovative vision science solutions implementing high-performance video, analog I/O, digital I/O, and audio I/O, all with microsecond synchronization to video refresh

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Our Scientists

VPixx Technologies includes a team of talented Staff Scientists.  They are familiar with many research protocols, and their primary goal is your success.  Our team can offer initial consultations for the creation of your new lab, and can provide follow-up guidance when implementing new research paradigms or technologies.  Click below to contact one of our scientists.

Sophie Kenny, Ph.D.
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Our Solutions

VPixx Technologies is an innovative company serving the vision research community
by developing cutting-edge hardware and software tools for vision scientists.


LabMaestro is an innovative testing experiment solution for researchers that includes:

LabMaestro is an experiment configuration and design tool that enables researchers to calibrate their hardware, simulate virtual devices for remote testing, and build and execute experiments in an easy-to-use GUI environment.

LabMaestro Pack&Go is a new platform for running experiments online. Upload your local MATLAB or Python experiment to Pack&Go with little to no code modifications, test your study, then send invitation links to participants across the globe.



The DATAPixx series is a complete multi-function data and video processing USB peripheral for vision research. In addition to a dual-display video processor, the DATAPixx series includes an array of peripherals which often need to be synchronized to video during an experiment.

These include a stereo audio stimulator, a button box port for precise reaction-time measurement, triggers for electrophysiology equipment, and a complete analog I/O subsystem. Because we implemented the video controller and peripheral control on the same circuit board, you can now successfully synchronize all of your subject I/O to video refresh with microsecond precision. 

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Industries We Serve

VPixx Technologies has built an international reputation for supplying quality instruments to researchers and teachers in the fields of visual psychophysics, electrophysiology, cognition, and fMRI.







Learn more with Vocal

Learn more with VOCAL

VOCAL is a collection of online tutorials created by VPixx staff and contributors. VOCAL aims to help researchers learn about VPixx device functionality and how to optimize it for their research. Code examples and snippets are provided throughout.

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