120 Hz LCD shutter glasses


Our 3DPixx IR emitter and glasses are designed for ease of use and simple maintenance: USB-rechargeable, folding design for compact storage and easy to clean with sanitizing wipes. The 3DPixx kit can be synchronized with DATAPixx, VIEWPixx and PROPixx systems.

– Transmit signal up to 10 ft
– multi-frequency operation 50/100, 60/120 Hz
– Only 50 grams and fits over most prescription glasses
– Integration with DATAPixx, VIEWPixx and PROPixx
– 3D synchronization using IR emitter
– Adjustable timing can support multiple display types
– Rechargeable lithium polymer battery via mini USB port
– 60 hours continuous use per charge
To learn how the 3DPixx can advance your research, speak with a VPixx Staff Scientist today!
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VPX-ACC-8050 3DPixx 120 Hz LCD shutter glasses

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