400 Hz circular polarizer


The DepthQ circular polarizer is driven directly by the PROPixx projector. Our custom driver ensures symmetric 50 microsecond switching times and minimal crosstalk at up to 400 FPS. Polarizer placement is straightforward as you simply place it in front of the projection lens. Passive 3D glasses are widely available in a variety of form factors, and most are 100% plastic, rendering them suitable for MRI environments. This solution is much simpler than trying to align superimposed left/right eye images, as is required when using dual projector setups.

– Up to 400 Hz refresh rate
– 50 µsec symmetrical switching time
– Less hardware than two-projector solutions
– Passive eyewear is inexpensive
– Plastic eyewear for MRI / MEG environment
– No vertical or horizontal parallax problems
To learn how the 3DPolarizer can advance your research, speak with a VPixx Staff Scientist today!
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VPX-ACC-8060 3DPolarizer 400 Hz circular polarizer

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