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The DATAPixx is a complete multi-function data and video processing USB peripheral for vision research. In addition to a dual-display video processor, the DATAPixx includes an array of peripherals which often need to be synchronized to video during an experiment. These include a stereo audio stimulator, a button box port for precise reaction-time measurement, triggers for electrophysiology equipment, and a complete analog I/O subsystem. Because we implemented the video controller and peripheral control on the same circuit board, you can now successfully synchronize all of your subject I/O to video refresh with microsecond precision.

The DATAPixx video subsystem converts a dual-link DVI digital video input from the host computer (or laptop) into VGA analog video outputs. The VGA outputs feature full 16-bit video DACs for ultimate precision in very low contrast stimuli. A second VGA output head can show the tester a mirror of the primary display; or alternatively, the left/right halves of a wide DVI input image can be split onto the two VGA displays, ensuring perfect frame synchronization between the left/right displays. To further support stereo applications, the DATAPixx also includes a standard VESA mini-DIN-3 connector for interfacing with stereo glasses.

I/O interface specifications

– Button box interface
– 24 TTL trigger inputs and outputs
– Stereo audio input and output
– Analog inputs and outputs
– Interface for 3D glasses

All digital, analog, and audio inputs and outputs feature microsecond synchronization to video refresh

Video specifications

– Dual-link DVI input from laptop or PC
– DVI input frequency: 25 MHz to 330 MHz
– Dual-synchronized VGA outputs with 16-bit video DACs
– VGA maximum dot rate: 200 MHz (per VGA channel)
– Maximum vertical refresh rate: 200 Hz
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VPX-DPX-1001C DATAPixx Full data acquisition system
VPX-DPX-1000A DATAPixx Lite data acquisition system

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