Dual handheld 2x 5-button fiber-optic response box


This is the 10-button fiber-optic version of our RESPONSEPixx line of reliable, ergonomic response boxes. The button box itself is 100% plastic and magnetically inert, making it compatible with MRI and MEG installations. A fiber-optic bundle carries the button states through the waveguide separating the magnet room from the control room. Once inside the control room, the fiber-optic signals are then converted to TTL signals. Plugging the TTL signals into a DATAPixx or PROPixx will give you microsecond-precise response times, with a reliability that exceeds USB-based response boxes. Custom configurations are available.

– TTL outputs eliminate latency inherent in USB solutions
– 100% plastic using optical fiber
– Ergonomic design
– Reliable solution records all button presses
– Custom layouts available

Microsecond-precise response times when used with DATAPixx, TRACKPixx or PROPixx
To learn how the RESPONSEPixx /MRI can advance your research, speak with a VPixx Staff Scientist today!
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VPX-ACC-4920 RESPONSEPixx /MRI Dual handheld 2x 5-button fiber-optic response box

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