MRI / MEG stereo audio system


The SOUNDPixx is a complete MRI/MEG audio system including everything you need to get all the great benefits of MRI-compatible audio entertainment or for cross-modal research when used with our PROPixx or our DATAPixx system. Will give you microsecond-precise audio stimulation when driven by VPixx hardware.
SOUNDPixx MRI/MEG stereo sound system delivers true stereo music to the subject. Stereo sound provides a spacious feeling for the subject, which is an important factor in overcoming claustrophobia.

There are separate audio level adjustments for the subject and the speakers in the area where the technologist is located. The operator can independently control their own sound level without affecting the subject sound levels. If so desired, the music can be turned off in the operator area, and only heard by the subject.

– Complete MRI / MEG solution
– Pneumatic headseat and transducer
– True stereo audio system
– Push-to-talk microphone
– Easy setup
– MRI coil headsets feature 30 dB attenuation
– Complies with new safety guide requirement of 29 dB NRR
– Perfect integration with DATAPixx and PROPixx
To learn how the SOUNDPixx can advance your research, speak with a VPixx Staff Scientist today!
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VPX-ACC-8100 SOUNDPixx MRI/MEG stereo audio system

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