TRACKPixx /mini

120 Hz eye tracker


The TRACKPixx /mini is a 120 Hz eye/gaze-tracking solution. With its universal magnetic mount, the TRACKPixx /mini is the perfect choice for those looking for the best value in professional eye tracking. With its large head motion box and reliable fixed data rate, the compact and simple to use TRACKPixx /mini provides the high level of accuracy you have come to expect from VPixx Technologies.

The TRACKPixx /mini includes a button box whose button presses are accurately timestamped and can be correlated with eye position through the USB interface. The eye tracker and button box are powered and connected together by the USB I/O Hub included with the system.

TRACKPixx /mini specifications

– 120 Hz binocular
– 0.5° accuracy
– Tracking method : dark pupil, binocular tracking
– Operating distance : 55 – 65 cm (21.7’’ – 25.6’’)
– Head motion box : (W x H x D) : 20 x 5 x 10 cm (8’’ x 2’’ x 4’’)
– Easy setup
– Eliminates tracker PC

Button box specifications

– Handheld response box with 5 thumb buttons
– Illuminated buttons
– Each button press is timestamped
– Sampling rate : 1 kHz

To learn how the TRACKPixx /mini can advance your research, speak with a VPixx Staff Scientist today!
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TRACKPixx /mini Datasheet

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VPX-TRK-3200 TRACKPixx /mini 120 Hz eye tracker with 5-button response box

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