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Eye Tracking



New 2 kHz remote Eye Tracker

The TRACKPixx3 is a 2 kHz eye/gaze tracking solution. The TRACKPixx3 is versatile, supporting both monocular and binocular tracking with a single mechanical configuration. Interchangeable lenses support tracker distances from 60 cm to over 160 cm for fMRI applications. Add a second low-cost slave tracker to support remote head-free tracking.

The TRACKPixx3 does not require a dedicated PC to process eye images and generate gaze information; all image processing is performed within the TRACKPixx3 hardware. Gaze data can be logged within the TRACKPixx3, and retrieved by the testing PC with a simple low-latency USB interface.

The TRACKPixx3 video feed can be accessed directly through a console display for real-time visualization and adjustment of the tracker. A scene camera can also be connected to the tracker to monitor the experiment. These video feeds can also be accessed through the USB interface for remote control of the TRACKPixx3.

Installation Type Tabletop Tabletop remote1 MRI MEG
Sampling Rate 2 kHz Binocular 2 kHz Binocular 2 kHz Binocular2 2 kHz Binocular
Eye Tracking Method

Pupil with corneal reflection

Accuracy3 0.20˚ – 0.60˚
Spatial Resolution4


Tracking Precision with Subject Fixations3 0.04˚ 0.05˚ 0.04˚ 0.04˚
Blink Recovery Time

1 frame (0.5 ms)

Real Time Data Access

Deterministic 1.70 ms via Analog Outputs, 1.95 ms via USB

Pupil Size Accuracy

±0.1 mm

Allowable Head Movement Head Restricted Movement 30 cm x 30 cm  at 60 cm Head Restricted Movement Head Restricted Movement
Optimal Range of Use

40 cm – 90 cm

Standard distance of operation

Glasses Compatibility


Data Output Raw and calibrated eye position, pupil size (major and minor axis),angle of pupil, digital inputs, custom messages, blink detection.

All the data are perfectly synchronized to your video stimuli.

Infrared Wavelength

850 nm – 910 nm

Console Monitor Console monitor connected directly to the TRACKPixx3 can show a combination of: stimuli, eye(s) with eye tracking status and scene camera
Button Box Interface

RESPONSEPixx series is compatible:  24 digital inputs and outputs

Analog Output

Analog outputs for data of your choice

Tracker Computer

Not Required

Suggested Lens 50 mm 25 mm 75 mm 75 mm


1TRACKPixx3 remote uses a slave tracker.  No head mounted target required.

2Binocular is available depending on the head coil used. Both eyes need to be in clear view of the TRACKPixx3 camera for binocular recording.

3Measured with human eyes.

4Measured with artificial eye.