LabMaestro Pack&Go is an official Prolific Integrations partner

VPixx Technologies’ remote online testing platform, LabMaestro Pack&Go, is now a featured Prolific Integrations partner.

Prolific is an online platform that connects researchers with participants for academic and market research studies. Researchers can use Prolific to recruit high-quality participants from a diverse pool of individuals. Prolific emphasizes transparency, fair compensation, and high-quality data collection, making it a popular choice for researchers and participants alike.

LabMaestro Pack&Go offers seamless integration with the Prolific service, via URL linking. Simply upload your study to the Pack&Go Scientist portal and follow our guide to generating participation links for Prolific in our documentation. It’s that easy to take your experiments on the road!

Visit our new page on the Prolific Integrations Marketplace.

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