VPixx Publication Library is now online

For over 20 years, VPixx Technologies has been providing the international vision science community with hardware and software solutions .

In that time, our customers have published fascinating, thought-provoking and cutting-edge research spanning a variety of topics. From exploring the visual systems of turtles, to probing the nature of human stereoscopic vision, to measuring the rhythms of the brain, our customers have had a profound impact on the advancement of our understanding of visual perception and neuroscience.

VPixx is happy to present a collection of peer-reviewed, open access papers from our customers. This searchable database includes product tags, full abstracts and links to the full articles for those interested. We will continue to add to this library as we stay up-to-date with new research in the years to come.

You can access the library here: https://vpixx.com/about-us/publications/

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