New LabMaestro Project Templates Released

As our documentation continues to grow, we have some exciting new developments for the LabMaestro experimentation suite: project templates!

Project templates are comprehensive examples using the LabMaestro software. These can be used as instructional demos, or jumping-off points for new experiment designs. Our new posted templates include:

  • Calibration with TRACKPixx3: This project introduces the notion of project-based eye-tracker settings and customized calibration procedures.
  • Spatial Unit Type: This template project presents an overview of how each unit type interacts with the characteristics of the selected Main Display.
  • Static Patterns Examples: This template project is an example of static psychophysics visual stimuli created using patterns added to rectangle regions.
  • Staircase Demonstration: A toy example of decision threshold estimation using a staircase method.

Through template projects like these, you will discover useful features like expressions, timeline control flow options, and much more! It is a great and practical way to become familiar with the LabMaestro interface. Please make sure to check the template page frequently for updates as we refine existing projects and add new features to LabMaestro.

Have an idea for a template that you would like to see? Tell us! Your feedback helps shape the future of LabMaestro– share your thoughts with us by contacting [email protected].

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