LabMaestro Pack&Go now supports Python and PsychoPy studies

LabMaestro Pack&Go now supports PsychoPy and Python-based experiments. Whether you’re using the Builder, Coder, or the PsychoPy API in a third party editor, we’ve got you covered.

LabMaestro Pack&Go directly supports .py files– no file or script conversions required. You can upload your study with little to no code modifications to our platform, test it out, generate participation links, and collect data. It’s that easy to take your experiment on the road!

Check out our tutorial video here to get started. You can also learn more about LabMaestro Pack&Go on our software page:

To celebrate this new service, we are offering a special promotion for first-time users: 50 Pack&Go credits for $1 USD. That’s over 16 hours of data collection, for $1! To take advantage of this offer, navigate to the Scientist Portal -> Transactions tab, and make a purchase. Enter the code welcome50 in the promotion field and then proceed to checkout.

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